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Lab Test
2,3-Dinor-11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, Urine
11 Beta-Prostaglandin F2 Alpha; 11BPG; 23BPG; BPG2; Mastocytosis; Prostaglandin
Reference Laboratory 84150; 99001 Y23BPG
ABO, Rh Type and Antibody Screen
ABO/Rh & Screen; Blood Type & Screen; Prenatal Type & Screen
Blood Bank 86850; 86900; 86901 BBB
Alpha-Subunit Pituitary Tumor Marker, Serum
Alpha Glycoprotein Subunit; Alpha Subunit; Chronic Gonadotrophins; Alpha Subunit; HCG, Alpha Subunit; HCG, Alpha-PGH (Pituitary Glycoprotein Gonadotrophin); Hormone, Alpha Subunit; Pituitary Glyoprotein, Alpha Submit
Reference Laboratory 82397; 99001 YAPGH
Amiodarone and Metabolite
Cordarone; Pacerone
Reference Laboratory 80299; 99001 XAMIO
Antigen Typing
Paternal Phenotype; RBC Antigen Typing
Blood Bank 86905 PHNTYP
Basic Metabolic Panel
Chem7; Panel 7
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80048 BMPAN
BCR-ABL1 Minor Breakpoint Quantitative Test
CML; e1a2; P190 translocation; Philadelphia chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81207 BCRMIN
BCR-ABL1 P210 IVD Quantitative qPCR Test
CML; e13a2; e14a2; P210 translocation; Philadelphia chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81206 BCR210
BCR-ABL1 Qualitative Test
CML; P190 translocation; P210; Philadelphia Chromosome; t(9;22)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81206; 81207 BAQUAL
BETA-hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
Pregnancy Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84702 BHCG
BRAF V600 Mutation Assay, Colorectal Cancers
BRAF CRC; cetuximab; Lynch Syndrome; panitumumab
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81210; 88381 BRAFC
Calreticulin Exon 9 Mutation
CALR gene; ET; MPN; Myeloproliferative neoplasms; PMF
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81219 CALR
Cardiolipin Autoantibodies, IgG and IgM
Phospholipid antibodies
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 86147 CARL
Plasma cholesterol
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82465 CHOL
Colorectal Panel by Next Generation Sequencing
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81445; 88381 NGSCOL
Coumadin (Warfarin)
Reference Laboratory 80299; 99001 ZCOUMD
Crystals, Synovial or Joint Fluid
Calcium pyrophosphate dehydrogenase; CPPD; Gout; Joint fluid; pseudogout
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 89060 CRYSTL
CYP2C19 Genetic Testing
Clopidogrel; CYP2C19; Cytochrome P450 2C19; Plavix
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81225 2C19
Cytology, Conventional Pap Smear
Conventional Pap Smear; GYN; PAP Smear
Cytology 88141; 88164; P3000; P3001 N/A
Cytology, Cyst Fluid Non-Gyn
Breast Cyst; Non-Gyn; Ovarian Cyst; Pancreatic Cyst; Renal Cyst
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Effusions (Body Cavity Fluid) Non-Gyn
Abdominal Wash; Ascitic Fluid; Body Cavity Fluid; Diaphragmatic Wash; Non-Gyn; Paracentesis; Pelvic Wash; Pericardial Fluid; Peritoneal Fluid; Pleural Fluid; Thoracentesis
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342; 88368 N/A
Cytology, Liquid Based Pap Test
GYN; Liquid Based PAP; Pap Smear; ThinPrep
Cytology 87621; 88142; 88143; G0123; G0141 N/A
Cytology, Pulmonary Non-Gyn
Bronchial Wash; Bronchoalveolar Lavage; Non-Gyn; Pulmonary; Respiratory
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Cytology, Sputum Non-Gyn
Non-Gyn; Pulmonary; Respiratory; Sputum Cytology
Cytology 88161 or 88108, 88305; 88312; 88313; 88342 N/A
Norpramine; Pertofrane; TCA; Tricyclic antidepressants
Reference Laboratory 80335; 99001 XDES
Dilantin®, Quantitative
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80185 DILNTN
F2-Isoprostanes, Urine
8-epi Prostaglandin; 8-iso Prostaglandin; 8-Isoprostane; F2ISO; Liquid Peroxisation; PGF2 alpha
Reference Laboratory 82542; 99001 YF2ISO
Factor II (Prothrombin) Variant & Factor V Leiden
Variant Analysis

Prothrombin 20210A/Factor V Leiden; Prothrombin variant
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81240; 81241 FIIFV
Factor II (Prothrombin) Variant Analysis
Factor II genotype; Prothrombin 20210A; Prothrombin variant
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology 81240 IIVAR
Fatty Acid Profile, Peroxisomal (C22-C26), Serum
Adrenoleukodystrophy; Fatty Acid Profile; Long Chain Fatty Acids; Peroxisomal, Fatty Acid Profile; VLCFA; Zellweger Syndrome
Reference Laboratory 82726; 99001 YPOX
Fluoxetine and Norfluoxetine, Metabolite
Prozac; Sarafem
Reference Laboratory 80332; 99001 XFLUO
Reference Laboratory 80342; 99001 XPROL
Glycated albumin; Glycated protein; GSP; Protein bound glucose
Reference Laboratory 82985; 99001 XFRU
Glucose Tolerance Test, 2 Hour Post Partum
Post Partum Glucose Tolerance Test
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 82951; 82952 x 2 PPGTT
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD65) Antibody Assay, Serum
64K Antibody; Anti-GAD Antibodies; Anti-Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Ab; Beta Cell Antibody; GAD65; Pancreatic Islet Cell Ab
Reference Laboratory 86341; 99001 YGD65S
Group B Streptococcus PCR
Microbiology 87081; 87147; 87653 SRGBS
JC Virus, Molecular Detection, PCR, Spinal Fluid
JCV DNA; John Cunningham Virus; Polyomavirus; Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)
Reference Laboratory 87798; 99001 YLCJC
Lactate to Pyruvate Ratio
Lactate Pyruvate ratio; LP ratio; Pyruvate; Pyruvic acid
Reference Laboratory 83605; 84210; 99001 XLPR
Librium and Nordiazepam
Chlordiazepoxide; Kolpoxide; Librax; Libritabs; Misural; Mitran; Multom; Poxi; Risolid; Sonimen; Tropium; Vovapam; Zetran
Reference Laboratory 80346; 99001 XCDPX
Malaria Exam
Babesia; Borrelia; Plasmodium
Microbiology 87015; 87207; 87899 PARMAL
Methadone and Metabolite, Serum or Plasma, Quantitative
Amidone; Dolophine; EDDP; Heptadon; Methadose; Physeptone; Symoron
Reference Laboratory 80358; 99001 XMTH
Microdialysis Panel (microD Panel) Test available only for UCI Inpatients
Glumic; Lacmic; LPrato; MICref; Pyrmic
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 82945; 83605; 84210 CSFMIC
Aventyl; Pamelor
Reference Laboratory 80335; 99001 XNORTP
NT-Pro B-Type Natruiretic Peptide (BNP), Serum
N Terminal proBNP; NT Pro BNP; ProBNP
Reference Laboratory 83880; 99001 YPBNP
Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids
arachidonic acid EPA ratio; DHA; Omega 3 index; Polyunsaturated fatty acids
Reference Laboratory 82542; 99001 ZOFAT
Organic Acids Screen, Urine
2-Ketoadipic Acid; 2-Ketoglutaric Acid; 4-OH Butyric Acid; GHB; Glutaric Acid; Isovaleric Acid; Methylmalonic Acid (MMA); Propionic Acid; Suberic Acid
Reference Laboratory 83919; 99001 YOAU
P504S Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
P504S+p63 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
P53-D07 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
p63 Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Pancreatic Elastase, Fecal by ELISA
Reference Laboratory 83520; 99001 XELAST
Pancreatic Polypeptide, Plasma
HPP; Human Pancreatic Polypeptide; Pancreatic Polypeptide
Reference Laboratory 83519; 99001 YHPP
Parainfluenza Virus, Types 1, 2, 3, Immunofluorescence
Microbiology 87015; 87279 CULPID
Paraneoplastic Antibodies (PCCA/ANNA) by IFA with Reflex to Titer and Immunoblot
ANNA; ANNA-1; ANNA-2; Anti-Hu; Anti-Ri; Anti-Yo; Antinuclear neuronal Ab; Neuronal Nuclear Antibody; Paraneoplastics Ab screen; PCA-1; Purkinje cell cytoplasmic antibodies
Reference Laboratory 83516; 86255; 86256; 99001 XPARAN
Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum
Acetylcholine Receptor; Amphipysin Ab; Anti-CV2; Anti-Enteric Neuronal Ab; Anti-GAD65; Anti-Glial Nuclear Ab; Anti-Hu; Anti-Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab; Anti-Ri; Anti-Skeletal Ab; Anti-Yo; CRMP-5
Reference Laboratory 83519; 83520; 84182; 86255; 86256; 86341; 99001 Y1PAVA
Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Spinal Fluid
Amohiohysin Ab; ANNA-1; ANNA-2; ANNA-3; Anti-Hu; Anti-Ri; anti-Yo; Antineuronal; CRMP-5-IgG; PCA-1; PCA-2; PCA-Tr; Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab
Reference Laboratory 86255; 99001; If reflexed: Y1PAC
Parasite Examination, Fecal
Ova and Parasite Exam
Microbiology 87177; 87209 PAROP
Parasite Examination, Specimens Other Than Feces
Microbiology 87015; 87210 PARMIS
Parasite Identification, Gross Examination
Microbiology 87169 PARGRO
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), Intact Inter-Operative
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83970 RPTH
Parathyroid Hormone, Intact
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 83970 PTH
Parathyroid Hormone- Related Peptide (PTHrP), Plasma
Humaoral Hypercalcemia; PRP; PTH Related Protein; PTHRP
Reference Laboratory 82397; 99001 YPTHRP
Parietal Cell Antibodies
Hematology 80500; 86255; 86256 ANPAR
Reference Laboratory 80299; 99001 ZPAXIL
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time; APTT
Hematology 85370 PTT
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; APTT Inhibitor; Correction Study; Mixing Study
Hematology 85670; 85730; 85732 INHPTT
Parvovirus B19 Antibodies, IgG and Igm
Reference Laboratory 86747; 99001 XPARVO
Parvovirus B19 by PCR
Reference Laboratory 87798; 99001 XPVPCR
PCP Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 83992 PCPCON
PCP Screen
Phencyclidine Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80301 PCP
Pemphigoid Profile – Epithelial Basement Membrane Zone IgG and IgA, BP180 and BP230 IgG, Antibodies
Bullous Pemhigoid; Pemphigoid BP 180 and 230
Reference Laboratory 83516; 88346; 88350; 99001 XPGOID
Pemphigus Profile - IgG Epithelial Cell Surface Antibodies and Levels of IgG Desmoglein 1 and 3 Antibodies
Pemphigus Desmoglein 1 and 3
Reference Laboratory 83516; 88346; 88350; 99001 XPGUS
Pentobarbital Blood, Quantitative
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80345 PENTO
Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88312 HSPST1
Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) Stain with Diastase Digestion
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Peripheral Smear Review
Hematopathology Consultation
Hematology 85008; 85060 REVW
pH, Fluids (All pH on Pleural Fluid for Inpatients is being performed by Point of Care (POC) at bedside)
Chemistry (Toxicology) 83986 PHFL
pH, Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 83986 UPH
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 80184 PHEBRB
Phosphatidylserine Antibodies, IgG, IgM and IgA
Reference Laboratory 86148; 99001 XPHSA
Inorganic Phosphorus
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84100 PHOS
Phosphorus, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84105 PHOSUR
Phosphorus, Random Urine
Urine-spot, Phosphorus
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84105 PHOU
Pinworm Examination
Microbiology 87172 PARPIN
Placental Alkaline Phosphate (PLAP) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Plasminogen Activity
Reference Laboratory 85420; 99001 XPLAS
Platelet Aggregation
Hematology 80500; 85576 AGGR
Platelet Antibody Screen, Serum
Antiplatelet Antibodies; Circulating Platelet Antibody; Indirect Platelet Antibody
Reference Laboratory 86022; 99001 YPLABN
Platelet Associated Antibodies, IgG and IgM
Platelet Associated Antibody, Direct
Reference Laboratory 86023; 99001 XPLIGG
Platelet Count
Hematology 85049 PLCTEL
Platelet Function Analysis (PFA)
Hematology 85576 PFA
Plavix Platelet Inhibition Test (P2Y12)
P2Y12; PRU; Verify Now
Hematology 85576 P2Y12
PML-RARA Translocation, t(15;17) by RT-PCR, Quantitative
Reference Laboratory 81315; 99001 XPLMR
Pneumocystis jirovecii, Immunofluorescence
Immunofluroescence; PCP; Pneumocystis carinii
Microbiology 87015; 87281 PARPNE
PNH, PI-Linked Antigen, Blood
Acid Hemolysis; CD 55; CD 59; FLAER; GPI-Linked Antigen; PI LINKED AG; PNH; Sucrose Analysis; Sugar Water PNH Screen
Reference Laboratory 81888; 88184; 88185; 99001 YPLINK
Porphyrins and Porphobilinogen, Urine
Reference Laboratory 81050; 84110; 84120; 99001 XPORPH
Porphyrins, Feces
Reference Laboratory 84126; 99001 XPORF
Porphyrins, Total, Serum or Plasma
Coproporphyrin; Protoporphyrin; Variegate porphyria porphyrin
Reference Laboratory 84311; 99001 XPORS
Potassium, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84133 KURINE
Potassium, Fecal
Reference Laboratory 84999; 99001 XPOTF
Potassium, Random Urine
Urine-spot, Potassium
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84133 KU
Potassium, Serum or Plasma
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84132 K
Potassium, Whole Blood (This Test is For Operating /Preop Use Only)
K; K+
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84132 KWB
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84134 PREA
Pregnancy, Qualitative, Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 81025 PREG
Reference Laboratory 84140; 99001 XPREG
Primidone and Metabolite
Luminal; Mysoline; Phenobarbital
Reference Laboratory 80184; 80188; 99001 XPRIM
Microbiology 84145 PROCAL
Procollagen Type I Intact N-Terminal Propeptide
P1NP; PINP; Procollagen
Reference Laboratory 83519; 99001 XP1NP
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84144 PROG
Progesterone Receptor (Paraffin) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Reference Laboratory 84206; 99001 XPROIN
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84146 PRL
Prolactin Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic
Reference Laboratory 81479; 82397; 83520; 86140; 88346; 88350; 99001 YFIBDD
Prometheus Thiopurine Metabolites
6 Methyl Mercaptopurine; 6 Thioguanine; 6-MMPN; 6-TGN; PRO-Predict; ProPredict 6
Reference Laboratory 82542; 99001 YFPMET
Propoxyphene Confirmation
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80367 DARCON
Propoxyphene Screen
Darvon Screen
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80301 DARVON
Prostate Specific Antigen, Ultrasensitive
PSA Supersensitive; Ultrasensitive PSA
Reference Laboratory 84153; 99001 XPSAU
Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Prostate-Specific Antigen Screen
PSA; Total PSA
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84153; G0103 PAS
Prostate-Specific Antigen Screen, Free and Total
Free Prostate Specific Antigen;; Free PSA; PSA Free/Total Ratio; PSA ratio; PSA, Free; PSA, Total and Free; Total PSA
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84153; 84154 FPA
Prostate-Specific Antigen Screen, Total
PSA; Total PSA
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84153 PA
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
Reference Laboratory 84066; 99001 XPAP
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PSAP) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Protein C Activity
Protein C Functional
Hematology 85303 PROTC
Protein Electrophoresis, CSF
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 80500; 84166 CSFEL
Protein Electrophoresis, Serum
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 80500; 84155; 84165 SPE
Protein Electrophoresis, Urine
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 80500; 84156; 84166 URNEL
Protein S, Functional
Protein S activity
Reference Laboratory 85306; 99001 XPROTS
Protein Total
Total Protein
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84155 TPROT
Protein Total, 24 Hour Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84156 TPURN
Protein Total, Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84157 PFL
Protein Total, Random Urine
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84156 PU
Protein Total, Spinal Fluid
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 84157 CSFPR
Prothrombin Time (PT)
Protime; PT
Hematology 85610 PTINR
Prothrombin Time (PT) and
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time; APTT; PT
Hematology 85610; 85730 PTPTT
Prothrombin Time (PT) Inhibitor
1:1 Mixing study; 50:50 mixing study; Correction Study; Mixing Study; PT Inhibitor
Hematology 85610; 85611 INHPT
PrP Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX
Pseudocholinesterase, Total
Reference Laboratory 82480; 99001 XPCHO
Puchtler’s Modification of Bennhold’s Stain for Amyloid
Congo Red
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88313 HSPST2
Pyruvate Kinase
Reference Laboratory 84220; 99001 XPYRV
Pyruvic Acid, Microdialysis Test available only for UCI Inpatients
Pyruvic Acid Microdialysate
Chemistry (Special Chemistry) 84210 PYRMCD
RBC Cholinesterase
Insecticide Exposure Panel; Plasma Cholinesterase
Reference Laboratory 82480; 82482; 99001 XRBCHO
RNA Polymerase III Antibody, IgG
Anti RNA Polymerase III Antibody; Polymerase III Antibody
Reference Laboratory 83516; 99001 XPOLY
Soluble Fibrin Monomer
Protamine Sulfate
Reference Laboratory 85366; 99001 XSFM
Sperm Analysis, Qualitative
Post Vasectomy; Semen Analysis
Chemistry (Rapid Response) 89310 SPQL
Streptococcus pneumonia Antibodies, IgG (14 Serotypes)
Pneumococcal Antibodies
Reference Laboratory 86317; 99001 XPNE
FK506; Prograf
Chemistry (Toxicology) 80197 FK506
This test code has been replaced by test code 2C19
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology PLAVIX
Transthyretin (Prealbumin) Stain
Anatomic Pathology (Histology) 88342 IMMPRX