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Employee Spotlight - Exceptional Lab Staff

clinical team
Neil Detweiler, Hong Sun, Emily Frederikson, Sherif Rezk, Marygrace Tumbali, Amberly Huddleston, Shirley Belen

Congratulations to our newest winners of the Staff Recognition Spotlight Award - Marygrace Tumbali, Emily Frederikson, Amberly Huddleston, and Hong Sun!

The award winners are employees who go above and beyond in displaying exceptional customer service, teamwork, performance, and innovation.

As a group, these four staff members were selected from an outstanding set of nominated staff within the department based on their exceptional contributions to their team and the department.

This group of people went above and beyond during the Campus Student Move-In. They processed almost 15,000 samples in one week and met the turnaround time. They come to work with a positive attitude and always help each other.

To get to know Marygrace, Emily, Amberly, and Hong, we asked them a few questions.

Q. What is your job title and how long have you worked here in the Department of Pathology?
Amberly: I'm a Hospital Lab Tech and I've worked in the pathology department since January of this year.
Emily: I'm a Clinical Lab Scientist. I finished the CLS program here this year, got my license and started working in July!
Hong: I am a CLS Apprentice, and I have been working in Molecular Pathology for about 2 months.
Marygrace: CLS - 18 months

Q. If you could pick a new skill in an instant, what would it be?
CookHong: Sugar baking. I love sweets.
Marygrace: Teleport

Q. What's your favorite childhood memory?
Hong: When I first got a puppy, he was so tiny and adorable like a snowball. He was a picky eater just like me.
Marygrace: Traveling with my family

Q. Who had the most influence on you growing up?
Emily: My mom, she is the best
Marygrace: Dad

Q. What are two things on your bucket list?
Emily: Two things on my bucket list are going to Alaska and re-learning how to play the piano.
Marygrace: To to visit my friends in Dubai and Japan

Q. Have you ever met anybody famous?
Amberly: I've met one famous person and it was Freddy from the show iCarly. He was related to a girl from my school and came to one of our graduation ceremonies.
Marygrace: Yes

Q. What is your perfect meal?
Amberly: My idea of a perfect meal is a bowl of my grandma's homemade oxtail soup with rice.
Emily: Perfect meal would be either enchiladas or a Thai curry and ice cream!
Marygrace: Not really a perfect "meal". I just want to have my entire family in one table, I don't care what kind of food we will eat.

We want to wish Marygrace, Emily, Amberly, and Hong hearty congratulations on receiving the Staff Recognition Award.



To nominate a co-worker for the next quarter's lottery, download the nomination form and check back in December for the next submission deadline date.

Any staff member who has been employed at least 90 days and has not been selected in the previous quarter.

What QUALITIES should the employee show?
An employee who goes above and beyond in displaying the following values and actions: customer service, team work, performance, and innovation.

Any staff member can self-nominate and/or nominate another employee by filling out the form.

How will the employee be RECOGNIZED?
A $100 gift card and a fleece jacket with the Department of Pathology logo will be awarded to the successful nominee. The person will also be featured in the Employee Spotlight on the Dept. of Pathology website.

Who will make the DECISION?
A committee team of employees (Staff Ambassadors) and assistant directors (Shirley Belen and Mary Eugenio-Allen) will select the best examples of our values, put the names into a lottery, and one name will be picked randomly.